This section focuses on TF1 Group and presents the latter according to various aspects.

TF1 became a Group constructed by 6 big families of jobs: journalism, production, support functions, digital, broadcasting technologies, programming and distribution.

To restore the Group and the context in which it evolves, we are introducing an overview of the television's sector in France (brief history, market situation, key figures, types of television channels, etc.)

We deal with TF1 Group by seeing all the history of its creation and indicating the major evolutions which marked the Group via key dates.

Figures and plans also come to illustrate these various evolutions, as well as the Group's current situation.

The various technological innovations implemented within the Group and the profits that might have been brought to it, will be dealt later with more details.

Then, you might learn more about the TF1 Foundation, active since 2007, its objectives, values and stakes in a specially dedicated section.

Arnaud Bosom's role within TF1

TF1 Group's collaborator for more than twenty years, Arnaud Bosom has brought numerous contributions via various job positions as a technical manager, or more recently Deputy Director General of Human Relations then CSR director since last March.

To better identify his activities, it is convenient to present at the same time TF1 Group, of which he became one of the executive committee members (with 8 other members).


Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Ressources

Arnaud Bosom's biography

Mentoring at TF1