Head of humans relations and TF1 Group's CSR, Arnaud Bosom would like to share on this page his realizations and his work experiences..

From a scientific formation, he wanted to be a sound engineer. Fascinated by the TV's jobs, Mr Bosom has the opportunity to be next to all these wonderful businesses exercised by talented people.

The media's environment is really specific, halfway between the show and the technique, with a wealth and incredible diversity: cameraman, mixer, decorator, journalist…

For more than thirty years, this environment is the one he chose and in which he evolves with the same interest, curiosity and passion.

You will find in these pages, three big parts:

- TF1 group: known especially for its symbolic channel TF1, in the french broadcasting scene, the group built itself and evolved considerably since its beginning. Find in this part all its story, realizations and assets for the future.

-The « HR » function: it is a key function in all the companies, that evolved a lot in twenty years. Discover the stakes in this underestimated job, its main characteristics with a focus on the recruitment, strongly impacted by the digital technology and the social media.

- The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): all the big companies have the duty, today, to undertake on CSR's subjects such as diversity, disability, equality of chances, environmental and economic footprint. It is an approach which completes and complements the HR job, on variated subjects. Discover, in this part, what the Group makes in term of CSR.

I wish all of you a good visit and navigation,

Arnaud Bosom