Arnaud Bosom before TF1

Born in 1960 in Paris, Arnaud Bosom obtained a master's degree in teleinformatics (Networks, telecoms and distributed applications) at Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI) University.

In 1984, he started his career in FR3 as IT project manager in the administrative and financial department. He's stayed there for three years before integrating La Sept as Information System Manager and logistic services. He also created the informatic structure of the cultural channel.

In 1991, Mr Bosom is promoted programming Manager of the French-German cultural channel Arte and joins the team in Strasbourg. He is also the creator of a multidisciplinary team in charge of the artistic dressing on air.

Arnaud Bosom in the heart of TF1

Arnaud Bosom integrates TF1 in 1995 as production & operation Manager.

Three years later, he is at the head of the channel's Technical direction, where he manages HUMAN RESSOURCES and necessary equipments to produce and broadcast the TF1 programs. Images quality, teams coordination, innovative and reliable equipments are also under his responsibility. In 2003, he becomes Manager of the technologies and internal ways.

Four years later, in 2007 he is named as president of e-TF1 (subsidiary of the Group in charge of the digital development and the contents edited on the new media: Web, mobile, tablet, IPTV) and manager of the new media. He will insure the Group's digital strategy through the identification of the appropriate human skills and the implementation of the necessary issues to realize it and deploy it.

In January 2010, Arnaud Bosom is named as TF1 Group's deputy director general, in charge of the strategy, organization and marketing. Only two years later, he becomes Deputy Director General of Human Relations and organization.

Arnaud Bosom: HR Manager of the Group

Since March 2016, Arnaud Bosom is the Deputy Director General of Human Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility of the company (CSR). As such, he embraces the responsibility of the operational management of the human relations, intern communication, development of talents, social affairs, information systems of human ressources foundation and CSR policy.


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